Phonak ComCom Headset jack stik

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Phonak ComCom headset system with snap in compatible earpiece.
With personal or generic earpiece.

mini jack 2.5mm

Reference: comcom-jack

Ring for bestilling 4044 9848

Pris:   DKK 2.076,00
Pris inkl. moms:   
DKK 2.595,00

- Long-lasting comfort
- Feather-light
- perfectly fitting to the ear
- stays in place
- Excellent speech intelligibility. Thanks to a miniature high-tech loudspeaker integrated into a noise-isolating earmould
- Clear speech transmission due to a noise-cancelling microphone close to the mouth
- Totally hands free operation
- Compatible with custom-made earpiece, EarJack-Adaptor

You need additional earpieces for the Phonak ComCom headset.