Yapalong 5000 (2-User) Complete Starter

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Yapalong is the name of our brand of full-duplex radio communications system, allowing for two-way conversation between users simultaneously. This results in a natural, phone-like conversation, and is compatible with open microphone and push-to-talk functions

One major point of difference between Yapalong and its competitors is our unique "no-master" feature. 

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DKK 8.295,00

Referee Starter is the go-to for groups of officiators at the beginner or amateur level. The flexibility of this set allows for many applications! This set is designed for a team of 3 users.

Some companies advertise no base station, but there is always a master unit involved that handles this functionality, which ruins your connection should anything happen to the master. Not with Yapalong - our mesh network does not need a base station or master unit, which makes operation flexible and the connection robust. As long as at least 2 units of the same group are within range, they will be able to communicate without any interruptions. If a unit does wander out of range, the connection is automatically resumed when the unit comes back without any hassle. Our radio is specially encrypted, and noise-cancelling functionality is offered with any of the headsets you pair it with.


Featuring our cutting-edge Yapalong-5000 model, we have paired this with our classic Boom MIC II to give referees a simple but reliable means of communication, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.




  •     - Can support up to 8 users in total
  •     - Peer-to-peer network, no base station or master units
  •     - 1,100-meter line-of-sight range
  •     - Over 8 hours of battery life
  •     - Encrypted transmissions to secure your calls
  •     - Clear, clean sound in any condition
  •     - Light and compact 
  •     - Waterproof (IP67)